Chau Da Co., Ltd.'s glue peeling machine is now present in many provinces and cities across the country. Customers who use the machine are very satisfied with the productivity and quality of the machine. There are many advantages and capital recovery is very fast.

Today we will meet a customer and see how he actually evaluates:

According to your assessment, the glue peeling machine has many advantages:

  1. High productivity: Only requires 3-4 workers, achieving 30-35 tons of glue per day (when the machine is placed in the yard) and 20-25 tons/day (when the machine moves directly in the forest). Productivity corresponds to 15 workers peeling glue using the traditional method.
  2. The machine operates stably: After more than 1 year of continuous use, he has not encountered any major problems. Sometimes there are small errors, but they are all easily handled and very quickly. Almost no problems when using the machine.
  3. Peels cleanly without wasting glue: Compared to other glue peeling machines, Chau Da's glue peeling machine has a very high peeling rate of up to 90-95%. Especially without wasting glue. With the peeling principle of Chau Da machine, the bark is separated from the acacia wood body without any influence. From black glue to white glue, the loss rate of Chau Da machine is 13-14% and other machine models is 20-22%. So the more you do it, the more profitable Chau Da's glue peeling machine will be.
  4. The acacia peeling machine can peel all types of acacia wood: The advantage of the Chau Da acacia peeling machine is that it can peel many different types of trees. Regardless of whether the tree is big or small, tree with branches or bent tree, wilted tree or fresh tree... all can be done easily and neatly.
  5. Fuel saving: Chau Da's glue peeling machine is very fuel efficient. For diesel generators, each day only consumes ~5 - 6 liters of oil. For 3-phase electric motors, it only consumes 50-60kw of electricity per day.
  6. Recovering the source of glue peel: When using Chau Da glue peeling machine, customers can easily recover the source of peeled glue peel. Acacia shells can be sold at high prices, generating significant additional revenue.
  7. Easy capital recovery: Chau Da glue peeling machine has a very reasonable price, making it easy for people across the country to invest. And with the productivity of the machine, it only takes 6-7 months to recover the capital. Then there are a lot of profits.

Thus, Chau Da's glue peeling machine is an excellent choice for glue miners across the country. Brings many benefits.

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