What are foundation anchor bolts?

Anchor bolts or foundation bolts are bolts used to fix structures or connect details to concrete surfaces. Foundation anchor bolts are often used in construction projects, factory systems, factories, pre-engineered steel buildings, etc.


Like other types of bolts, anchor bolts are composed of a round steel body and a threaded part. However, anchor bolts do not have a rectangular part (hexagonal or square head) but the other end will be bent in an L shape. J, I or processed into a second threaded end (I-shaped anchor, U-shaped anchor).

Classification of foundation anchor bolts

Depending on the requirements of each project, we have different types of foundation anchor bolts with different shapes. Some of the most popular types of anchor bolts that Chau Da produces and processes are:  L-bend anchor bolts ,  J-bend anchor bolts ,  U-bend anchor bolts , straight anchor bolts (I anchors), Ground nails

Drawing of common types of anchor bolts


Foundation anchor bolts at Chau Da Bolts are manufactured and processed with a variety of materials depending on customer requirements:

  • Carbon steel: S45C, C45, CT3,…
  • Alloy steel: 40Cr, 40CrMn,…
  • Stainless steel: SUS 201, SUS 304, SUS 316,…

Stainless steel U-shaped anchor bolts

Surface treatment

Due to its structure including a broken head attached directly to concrete and a threaded head used to connect to other details, the anchor bolt can be plated all over or just plated with the threaded end. Some common surfaces of anchor bolts:

- Dyed black

- Electrolytic zinc plating

- Hot dipped galvanized

- Geomet, dacromet plating.

- PTFE plating


- Used in the installation of  light pole and electric pole systems : J and I bend anchor bolts are used to fix the light pole foundation.

- Fixing  machinery and equipment : Anchor bolts are used to fix the tripod, helping to reduce vibration and avoid errors during operation.

- In the  seaport industry : Foundation anchor bolts help position the legs of wharves, cranes, and anchor points to keep ships secure.

- In the  tower crane industry : Anchor bolts are used to fix tower crane legs, often requiring the use of large size and high strength anchor bolts.

- In factory and prefabricated steel building construction  : Foundation anchor bolts are used to connect column legs with the foundation of the building. Anchor bolt L is widely used to connect and fix the roofing system of the factory.

Quote for foundation anchor bolts

The unit price of anchor bolts depends on the following factors;

- Type: Each type of anchor bolt has its own price depending on the shape and processing method.

- Durability level: The higher the durability level of an anchor bolt, the higher its price. For example: Anchor bolt price 8.8 > 6.6 > 4.6.

- Size: The larger the diameter or length of the anchor bolt, the higher the price will be. For example: Anchor bolt price M42 > M39, anchor bolt price M20x120 > M20x100.

- Standards: There are many different standards for producing anchor bolts. Each standard will have different regulations on mechanical properties, durability, size and materials, so they will also have different prices.

- Surface treatment: Each plating layer will have a different price depending on its characteristics and advantages. For example, hot-dip galvanizing costs more than electrolytic galvanizing because hot-dip galvanizing provides better corrosion resistance.


Why should you choose Bulong Chau Da?

Chau Da Bolts is proud to be a factory that produces and processes  quality anchor bolts or foundation bolts  in the Central market. Currently, Chau Da Bulong is one of the manufacturers and distributors of mechanical industrial products with the most competitive prices on the market. Besides, we always put the quality of each product first, bringing high reliability to our customers.


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