With more than 10 years of experience in machine manufacturing research, Chau Da company has researched and manufactured many modern hydraulic motor machines, such as: CNC angle steel punching machine, CNC code plate punching machine, Pressing machines, stamping machines, etc. Hundreds of machines of all types have been sold to the market.

However, Chau Da did not choose the Hydraulic system for the glue peeling machine!

In fact, Chau Da once researched and produced a line of hydraulically powered glue peeling machines in 2019 - 2020. However, when completing the machine, we realized many limitations so we gave up. This version is to switch to the production of a purely mechanical version of the glue peeling machine.

Limitations of hydraulic glue peeling machine:

The price of the machine is very high: Because the machine has a hydraulic system, the price is very expensive. If you choose a high-end hydraulic motor, the price can be up to 450 - 500 million/machine. And buying lower quality hydraulic motors will cost 250 - 300 million/machine. Very expensive compared to the actual capabilities of our country's wood harvesters today.

+ Machine structure is too complicated: hydraulic machines have a very complex structure. including running drum, hydraulic tank, hydraulic valve, dynamo, electrical cabinet...

+ Very difficult to handle when encountering problems: with such a very complicated structure, it is very difficult for you to handle problems when encountering problems. It involves hydraulics, electricity, mechanics, etc., and not many people fully understand these issues. Therefore, when a problem occurs, it will be extremely difficult to handle.

+ Warranty and maintenance costs are very high: with a hydraulic system, when it breaks down, repairing or replacing it will cost a lot of money for those using the machine. Repairing hydraulic valves can cost hundreds to several million. Repairing a hydraulic motor can cost from 10 million to several tens of millions each time. It will be extremely expensive.

+ Fuel consumption: In addition to being expensive to repair. Hydraulic glue peeling machines also consume a lot of fuel. In addition to diesel oil, hydraulic oil must be used. If you go to the forest to work, it will be extremely inconvenient.

+ The machine is bulky and difficult to move: the hydraulic system will make the machine very heavy and cumbersome. Getting it to the forest for exploitation is very difficult. And moving the machine from one point to another is also extremely not easy.

+ Crushing the bark of trees, the machine's productivity is not high: With the pressure of the hydraulic machine, it will be easy to crush the glue, especially small glue. This will cause the glue to wear out easily. The peeling rate is not high, the peel is not completely clean.

With the above limitations, Chau Da company decided to abandon the hydraulic glue peeling machine version (Although the hydraulic system is Chau Da's strength), we chose the mechanical glue peeling machine to serve customers.

Mechanically powered glue peeling machine has many outstanding advantages:

+ Cheap price: without a complicated structure like a hydraulic machine, with the careful optimization of Chau Da's team of engineers has created cheap glue peeling machine products. Only half the price of hydraulic machines. Suitable for the majority of acacia operators across the country

+ Simple structure, easy to use and easy to handle: with minimalist structure, and careful guidance from technician Chau Da. Customers will find it very easy to use the machine and easy to handle in case of an unfortunate problem. Almost anyone can adjust the machine.

+ Machine components are available, easy to replace: All machine components are processed by Chau Da from the CNC factory or imported from the market. Therefore, when needing to replace anything, it is very easy, convenient and fast.

+ Warranty and maintenance costs are very cheap: as mentioned above, machine spare parts are always available and the cost is very cheap. Very suitable for you to exploit. Along with that, Chau Da has a 6-month machine warranty policy and lifetime technical support so customers will have complete peace of mind.

+ Save fuel: The machine only needs to run on diesel, consuming only 10-15 liters per day, or using 3-phase electricity, it only costs about 80KW per day

+ Compact machine structure, easy to move : The machine can be placed in one place to work, or can be conveniently pulled into the forest by tractor. Helps you have many working options when investing in machines.

+ The machine peels the bark cleanly, without crushing the tree: With a smart machine structure, it will help you peel off the glue and remove the bark almost completely. And never break glue, especially young glue or glue tips. Helps glue achieve maximum weight.

+ Keeping the acacia shells to sell to earn additional income: using Chau Da's acacia peeling machine, the shells are collected, and you can sell these shells to earn a significant source of additional income.


With all of the above, Chau Da said no to the hydraulic system for the glue peeling machine to bring you a line of cheap, quality and high performance glue peeling machines!



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