Processing sheet metal details  is one of the most popular types of metal processing today. Because the products created from this outsourcing service process are applied in many fields. So where is the reputable and quality sheet metal processing unit in the Central region? Let's find out.

Processing sheet metal details

Processing metal details is one of the most popular types of mechanical processing today. To process, processing units must be equipped with modern specialized machinery, especially metal cutting machines, bending machines, punching machines, specialized grooving machines... then the finished products can be processed. Finished work will ensure high accuracy and aesthetics.

Methods for metal processing  

There are many methods for sheet metal processing, but the most common are the following 5 methods:

–  Machining and cutting : Is the process of using advanced plasma cutting machines or laser cutting machines equipped with CNC automatic programming systems to cut metal based on existing drawings, thereby creating products. High precision product.

–  Punching processing : That means using modern CNC punching machines to create round, oval holes,... or other details on the surface of sheet metal according to customer requirements.

–  Bending processing : The bending process is performed on a bending machine according to pre-programmed drawings to help bend sheet metal accurately and with square folding angles.

–  Complete welding processing : Includes activities such as welding and assembling metal parts together to create products with the desired shape and size.

–  Surface treatment : Polishing, priming, electrostatic painting or PVD plating,... to create quality products with high aesthetics and durability.


Sheet metal processing and manufacturing technologies

There are two popular types of Machining Technology today, including:

– Metal cutting technology using Plasma-Oxy/gas on Plasma cutting machine.
– Metal cutting technology uses laser technology on Laser cutting machines.

Both of these technologies operate automatically, creating precise, aesthetic and required cuts. Therefore, finished metal products often have high aesthetics and do not deform the surface of the material. Today, sheet metal processing technology is widely applied in the mechanical industry, and is even developing quite strongly.


The most prestigious on-demand sheet metal processing unit in Da Nang and the Central region.

With many years of experience in the field of mechanical processing in general,  Chau Da Co., Ltd  specializes in processing metal details according to customer requirements according to available drawings. As a professional processing company, Chau Da has a large factory and branch system, with a full range of modern machines: laser cutting machines, bending machines, punching machines, hydraulic cutting machines, laser welding machines, automatic powder coating system... other types of mechanical processing machines. Therefore, our company always ensures quality and product completion time for customers.

Chau Da's CNC laser cutting technology can cut a variety of materials with different thicknesses or details that require high sophistication. Because specialized machinery is used, all products ensure aesthetics, save raw materials, construction progress and processing costs.

Chau Da is a direct processing unit without intermediaries, so it always ensures product delivery progress at the same time, and the price provided to customers is always the most economical.

Processing process of sheet metal details at Chau Da


Step 1 : Analyze the designed drawing - take apart the designed drawing

Step 2 : Consultation and detailed quote

Step 3 : Manufacture and process products according to agreed requirements

Step 4 : Check product quality

Step 5 : Transport goods and hand over


If there is a need to process and manufacture sheet metal products. Please contact Chau Da today to receive professional, effective service at the best price

In addition, Chau Da also provides products that are of top interest today such as:

  • CNC milling and turning machining
  • Machining machine details
  • Production of jigs and fixtures
  • Processing details of all kinds of goods
  • Research and manufacture automatic machinery, etc.